Volunteer with us

We are always looking for enthusiastic students to join our service. As a volunteer, you will answer calls from students and respond to IM messages. We make sure all of our volunteers are adequately trained and feel confident before they answer any calls and messages.

We also offer extra training to our volunteers, including:

  • Talks from the Sexual Assault Referral Centre Cardiff
  • Mental Health First Aid Training & a certificate
  • Connecting with People Training
  • ASIST (suicide awareness training)

Cardiff Nightline is part of the Millenium Volunteers programme. This means that all of our volunteers will have the opportunity to earn a certificate depending on how many shifts they have undertaken. The top certificate,received after two hundred hours of volunteering, will be signed by the First Minister.

The Process

We recruit volunteers twice a year: October and February. We recommend reading our five principles on the About Us page before filling in the application form. To volunteer with us, there are a number of steps you must go through:

  • Fill in the application form below
  • Attend an interview with two members of the Cardiff Nightline Committee
  • Attend a three day compulsory training event


Volunteering with Cardiff Nightline will involve dealing with issues that can be very sensitive, ranging from emotional distress to suicide. The welfare of our volunteers is very important to us, and we will ensure that you are adequately supported during your time with Nightline. We have a very strong mentor system and also offer a fast-track service with both Cardiff University and Cardiff Metropolitan Counselling services for all of our volunteers.

Nightline is an anonymous service, please do not tell anyone that you are applying for Nightline.